The gift of good food fits every business or personal occasion. Holidays are a great time for gift giving. Why not give the gift of a Thanksgiving Turkey or a Christmas or Easter ham to brighten the ocassion?
Our service to you is available in two basic forms. The first focuses on relatively high volume (25 or more) delivery of individually boxed, top quality frozen gift turkeys or hams to employees as a gesture of holiday good will that is valued and appreciated far beyond the actual dollar value of your investment.

The second involves a more personal mail order selection of meats, cheeses and nuts for individual gift giving … or your own pleasure.

Either way, you can depend on our long standing reputation for delivering your orders right… and right on time.

Our premium gift turkeys come individually gift boxed, tender and juicy, with pop-up timer and complete cooking directions. They are all USDA Grade A quality that you can give with pride.
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Smoked Hams
Each ham is USDA approved muscle meat, individually gift boxed, and with your choice of half and whole spiral sliced, old fashion semi-boneless and boneless.
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Whole Gift Turkeys and Hams are key holiday favorites, but we offer a full menu of alternate choices, including nuts, cheeses, steaks, Kosher options and more.
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